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Russ Allbery
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Yuba Community College - Marysville CA (1990 - 1993)
Stanford University - Stanford CA (1993 - 1997)
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(writing parenthetical asides), afs, amnesty international, angband, bofh, books, bookstores, c, c.s. lewis, chains, chatservers, china mieville, dan simmons, daniel keys moran, david r. palmer, debian, eagles, emacs, fantasy, fiction, football, formatting, free software, free-form roleplaying, gcc, gnu, gnus, graphic novels, guy gavriel kay, j.r.r. tolkien, jacqueline carey, karl schroeder, kerberos, l'esprit de l'escalier, libraries, linux, magic: the gathering, muses, mythology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, news.groups, nntp, non-profit, online communities, openafs, osmosis, penny arcade, perl, physics, powells, programming, python, quotations, role playing, rpgs, schadenfreude, science fiction, scripting, sf, sindarin, software patents, speculative fiction, stanford,, systems administration, t.s. eliot, table tennis, top-posting hatred, unintentional communities, unix, used bookstores, usenet, video games, volleyball, writing, xemacs, yuba college
I maintain my actual journal on my own server rather than here for various reasons. If you're looking for that, you want to friend the syndicated feed eaglespath. My journal is primarily book reviews and announcements of software releases, the collection of which can be found on my regular home page, but I occasionally write other things there as well.

Please be warned that I don't cut or excerpt book reviews, which can be somewhat long. If that ends up being a problem for a lot of people down the road, I may try to set up something with multiple RSS feeds, one for the book reviews, one for everything else, and one combined. Let me know if you'd prefer this and I'll see how many people care.

I use this account as an RSS feed and LJ entry aggregator, for posting in LJ communities, and for commenting in other people's journals. I'm in the process of moving my primary reading and commenting activity to Dreamwidth. I'm likely to only ever make one more post here, to announce that I'm moving to Dreamwidth, so the only reason to friend this account is if you want me to see friends-only posts. I certainly have no objections to that if you wish.

As mentioned, I use this account as an RSS aggregator, so I friend people whose journals I want to read and may not friend people whose journals I don't want to read regularly for whatever reason (perhaps just lack of time). Please don't take either personally.